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Since starting business in 1998, HighTraffic has seen 4 valuable years of experience in the hosting industry. Considering that the hosting industry is still a relatively new market, HighTraffic has been there since the market's early inceptions and has been steadily growing over the years.

A company built on principle The company follows its core philosophy of following through with our promises and guarantees. Our clients are assured that they will get what we claim to provide. No
false promises or hopes. We lay everything crystal clear and shoot as straight as we can.

Growth as a factor of success From its mere beginnings as a virtual server provider and a capital budget of USD$2,000 and one dedicated server, HighTraffic has grown to unimaginable proportions. With the acquisition of its new data center facilities, HighTraffic is gearing up to provide for services that go beyond the hosting paradigm and hopefully one day revolutionize the industry.

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