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rack space Gdata antiviruskit promotion has become synonymous with high-capacity service hosting and we steadily push the envelope when it comes to giving our customers more bang for their
buck. With the services and support of our partner, Telekom Malaysia, we have an excellent infrastructure from which we can build on.

Our service range has expanded to included dedicated server, co-location and site or virtual server hosting. This includes new services like managed security and maintenance service packages which we also offer.

For customers preferring a cost-effective option of getting on the web, our site hosting service should be most suitable if the requirements are relatively low. If the need arises for a more robust and flexible solution, our dedicated server hosting service should suffice. If it does not, simply add another. However, if you already have your own server, you might want to consider our co-location hosting service. Just send your server to us and we will simply mount it and plug it into our high-speed data network and you are ready to go.


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